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Vaibhav Ladies Emporium was first started in 1985, By Pramod Gir Ji. It was a very small 2*2 stall at Sultan Bazaar, which he has built with his hardwork and Good buisness Accumen alone and made it a Brand whose products are used in PAN INDIA and have started going globally due to online presence and good Second Generation Entrepreneurs

It was first started with Imitation Jewellery in the stall and later he has started outlet of one Shutter in cut throat competition because of his good business accumen he has not only scaled but also gulped up few Competitions nearby and overtook it and made a Name for himself , now owns a large store with a wide Range of Immitation Jewellery and classical Dance Jewellery.

We at Vaibhav always had a vision of providing Good Quality at reasonable prices with all the services, we believe in pampering our customers with best service and use of latest techonlogy for better consumer satisfaction, we are not only better than our Peers but also Ahead of them in terms of Scalability,Tech Use, customer needs and innovation and customization

We were the first ones in the industry to start Home Delivery, Free Delivery and with the wide Range of Products one can have, we were One Stop For everything for our Customers, Due to our Hospitality and Great service we got a chance to expand our categories in Classical Dance, With all the support from our Customers, our beloved Dance Teachers, MakeUp Mans we have being Leaders in this Segment

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